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How to Measure a Shutter

The Fit-Yourself Indoor Basswood Shutters

Basswood is a world-renowned hardwood (Tilia Americana) and comes from the Linden family of trees.It is revered for its strength and light, lustrous beauty.

  • They are suitable for indoor window fitting only.
  • They're available in a selection of two colours. In its natural state, Basswood is light and ideal for staining. If even consistency of colour is required by you, Basswood is ideal. Obviously, Basswood is a natural timber so it possesses all the natural colour and texture variations you'll find in any timber.
  • Basswood is not highly susceptible to colour change. Typically, any colour change is gradual and not clearly discernible.
  • Basswood is a medium-density timber so it's suitably light and also capable of resisting knocks and bumps
  • Each Fit-Yourself Basswood shutter has a UV-stabilised single-pack lacquer finish and is designed for interior use only. It should not be exposed to wet weather.
  • Because it's kiln-dried, Basswood timber is resistant to warping and bowing, making it the perfect shutter timber
  • Basswood is a sustainably managed plantation-grown timber so its environment-friendly.

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